What better way to get ready for Montana Hunting Season then a Free Gun – this goes down in the History Books
By Kelsey

Posted: July 5, 2012

We thought we would share some hilarious news, that unfortunately is now in the Montana Hunting history books. Back in April Montana hunters had a heck of a deal in the Hamilton, Montana. Radio Shack is offered a free gun with purchase of dish network at their Hamilton, Montana location. Don’t worry it is nothing to be feared, they did background checks before setting people loose with their new guns. If for what ever reason someone was unfit to own a gun, they went ahead and gave away $50 gift certificates to Pizza Hut. So if they didn’t get a gun to protect, they at least fed the family! Even better,  not only did they get a free gun, they got a preference on what type they wanted. Let us just hope there isn’t too much of a connection between television and montana hunters, we know ya’ll would rather get out in the woods then sit in front of a TV am I right? This could have even gott those of us “couch potatoes” off the couch and into a new hobby of Montana hunting.

Gun Choices Included:

  • Hi Point 380 Pistol – great to have for home protection and on the range.
  • 20 Gauge Shotgun – suitable for most game birds and excellent for turkey hunting, squirrels, rabbits and waterfowl.

Those of you excited for the Montana hunting seasons, we thought this would get those gears turning even faster, we are excited too!