Salmon Snagging Season And More: Montana Fishing Reports
By Matt Schauer

Posted: September 16, 2012

Northwest Montana Fishing Report

Chancy at Snappy’s repots snagging season is open and guys are headed to Tobacco River (shown in the picture above) and Grave’s Creek towards Eureka for salmon. Koocanusa been good for rainbow trolling around rexford. McGregor Lake folks trolling for macks. Beaver lake chain guys been doing pretty well, Lake Mary Ronan a lot of nice reports on perch. Blanchard lake have had some nice perch, and croppy. Loon Lake near Ferndale been some good reports on perch and bass, both small and large mouth with burkley gulp minows. Swan lake had some nice pike. South fork of the Flathead river been fly fishing with cadas and stimulotors. The high mountain lakes are doing well like on Doris and Hidden Lake in the Park been doing well on some nice cuts.

North Central Montana Fishing Report

Leonard from Roberts Bait and Tackle reported that Holter Reservoir is still doing well on trout with nightcarlwers and cowbells. Piskun starting to put water back in, so the fishing should pick up. Bynam is still a good bite for trout, Francis if you can get in has some nice walleyes. Tiber out of the south bootlegger end has a good bite going on for walleye. Fresno is dry and they’re starting to put water back in. The rivers are still pretty mossy. If you have any questions or needrod & reel repair call Leonard 406-454-1877.

Southwest Montana Fishing Report

Shelby from Rocky Mountain Supply in Dillon says the elk have been very focal with the cooler weather this week. There was a couple good antelope when the archery season opened up. Clark Canyon is starting to stack up on the red rock side of the lake at the inlet channel. Folks are sitting on top of the channel dropping straight down with worms and mellows. For those using lures the number 9 and rapalas are doing well. Shelby says blue foxes with 1 hook with a trailer does well, and looks like a panther martin. For more information call 406-683-2308