Baby its Cold Outside! Montana Ice Fishing 2011 – Jim Johnson takes on the Young Bucks
By Kelsey

Posted: November 12, 2012

Up here in Big Sky, MT it has quite the chill in the air, a good amount of snow on the ground with even more spurts of flakes from the sky. I have but one thing on my mind ice fishing! I just happened to come across Hookem Harry’s ice fishing film with his friends Greb Liberko and Kjel Olson competing against Jim Johnson.

It was quite the day on the ice, Hookem Harry saving a very important part of Jim Johnson’s ice fishing and memoir in life — his father’s rod — all while camera in hand! Yes it was caught on tape!

Jim had been using his father’s pole for over 60 years and thank goodness Harry was there to snag it out of the fishing hole!

The boys were doing a little too much goofing off, video taping and sun flower eattin’. Maybe the Ice Shack will have redemption this year and catch more than one fish – between the three of them!

What the video below:

[youtube id=”FLzrb7t41PE” width=”600″ height=”350″]