Time To Strip Streamers Through The Deep Holes: Butte and Bozeman Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: November 17, 2012

Hello, Angie here from Bob Ward & Sons…BUTTE & BOZEMAN will have some grand fishing going on for all you folks preferring to avoid the craazzzy Brawl of the Wild between the Cats & Griz, in Missoula this year! But I just gotta say, GO CATS!!

BOZEMAN favors the UPPER MADISON this late in the fall….reports are that the fish are sizeable, consistently biting, and there are no crowds—what could be better? Go slow & deep, where the sly old big boys are. Try the Streamer of your choice, like Sculpins, Bow River Buggers, JJ Specials or Circus Peanuts, & maybe drop an Attractor Nymph behind! We’re not dissatisfied with the LOWER MADISON either…Worms & Egg Patterns, or especially a Worm trailing an Egg Pattern, is a wise choice…or kick it into gear with a Brown Bugger, Yellow Fathead or a Gold Bling Minnow in the holes! The GALLATIN isn’t fishing bad either, tho there are reports of slush in the Canyon…not a favored Nymphing condition, but afternoons will be better…try Keystones for something a bit larger (sz 6), or Silver Lightning Bugs (in a 14), or strip a Home Invader or a Zonker, blacks & whites are your go-to colors! The YELLOWSTONE has been described as fishing “strangely,” not particularly consistently…try large Bunnies in the deepest holes you can find! Nymphwise, we’re looking at Crayfish or Rubberlegs, darker colors, sz 10! If the winds stay down, the SPRING CREEKS are a hot option, with the lower winter rates for fishing, and plenty of action going on…go to your Baetis Nymphs, Hunchback Scuds or Red Floss Worms here, or Minnow imitations like Guida’s Mirrored Minnow if you want some spicy Streamer action! 

BUTTE likes the BIG HOLE RIVER in the Divide Canyon area especially, so wade on in, or pound the banks using Streamers like a Black Micro Zonker in an 8, or a Pearl Bling Minnow in a 6! Beadhead Flashbacks, Pheasant Tails or Weighted San Juans are also great bets. Both the BEAVERHEAD & the JEFFERSON areproviding good opportunity to the fly, or the bait angler…you DO want to watch for slushy conditions, but in the coming week, anyway, milder temps mean it’s PROBABLY not a problem! Get out your juicy Crawlers near the banks, try a Jointed Rapalla in the rapids just before a deep pool or bend, & if you see a little sun in the afternoon, try a shiny gold or silver spinner to peak some interest. Streamers are working well in both venues, too…strip your Sculpins or Buggers (Beadhead Krystal Buggers in 4-6 are a good choice!) thru the deeps to excite the Giant Trout!

Can’t wait for GEORGETOWN to freeze over? Neither can we, so come on in to check out the ice shelters, on sale this weekend, & be prepared, when the freeze comes! Whether you’re taking advantage of the last couple weekends of hunting season, getting your river fishing kicks before the ice sets in, or hanging out at the GAME this weekend, Bob Wards will have what you need, so stop by & say hi! I’ll say hi to you all again next week!