Anti Trappers Attempting To Ban Trapping In Montana For the Third Time Organization Officers Claim Private Land Trapping and Bear Hunting Are Next
By Toby Trigger

Posted: June 20, 2015

Two failed attempts to stop Montanan’s from utilizing public lands for fur trapping didn’t make it clear enough to  anti-hunting/trapping groups that Montanan’s want to be left alone.

A recent submission by Timothy Provo was received by the Montana Secretary of State with the following descriptive:

Ballot Issue #4
Subject: Restrict the use of traps and snares for animals on any public lands within Montana.

Contact Person: Rick Sherwood
Sponsor: Timothy Provow
Type: Statutory initiative
Received by SOS: June 15, 2015
Status: Review by Legislative Services.
Next Step: Sponsor will have the opportunity to respond to Legislative Services
While the group claiming to be a non-political and non-profit organization referring to themselves as “Footloose Montana” (FTLM)  is once again attacking Montana’s way of life, the Montana Trappers Association (MTA) is working even harder to protect it.
One of the ways the MTA is approaching this is by cataloging  statements made by Footloose Montana board members that are contrary to the claims made via a sketchy media campaign.  A couple of good examples are from Christopher Justice who is currently the Executive Director and paid employee of FLM.  Justice claims that the ballot initiative is only for public lands that make up 1/3 of Montana.  The additional 2/3 is private and they respect the land owners private property rights to do as they please on their own land.

But in an interview titled “EPISODE 139: GETTING FOOTLOOSE IN MONTANA” Aired: 07/14/2014 – 09:57 Christoper Justice stated: “When we get trapping on public land banned, we will look at the voter turnout.  If the numbers are largely in our favor we will pursue removing trapping from private land.”

Dave Taylor a founder of FLM solidified the intentions of FLM made their intentions of banning hunting and trapping in Montana clear when he stated;  “Once we’re done ending trapping we’re coming after bear hunters next!”
This statement was made on April 14th 2015 following a Montana FWP commissioners meeting where trappers, hounds men and members of the media were present.
So what really is the goal of FLM and the ballot measure sponsor Timothy Provow?
Is it simply to “Restrict the use of traps and snares for animals on any public lands within Montana” or is it more like ending all hunting, trapping, fishing and agriculture in Montana as the organizations board members repeat over and again?
Keep visiting the Montana Outdoor Radio Show for more quotes and facts showing the real pedigree of Footloose Montana board members and their intentions.
Trigger is a board member of the Montana Trappers Association.  For more information about all the MTA is doing to advocate for trapping and trappers image in Montana check out