Orphaned Baby Moose Killed by FWP in Bozeman
By rowdyrob

Posted: June 2, 2015

A Montana resident was camping around Bozeman when a baby moose entered his camp.  His first thoughts were to be frightened and on the look out for a charging momma moose.  He soon found the carcasses of the mother and other baby moose that he believed had died from child birth.  Not wanting the baby moose to be out alone, he called FWP  to handle things.  The man was shocked to learn later that FWP had killed the baby moose instead of either putting it into captivity or leaving it in the wild to fend for itself.  When asked about the situation, an FWP spokesperson claimed that they do not move or rehabilitate moose, elk or deer as the spread of disease is too much of a risk.  The spokesperson also claimed that the end result would have been the same in the wild, as the baby moose does not know how to find food yet.  The camper claimed he would not have called FWP if he would have known they would have killed the moose.  (Original Report Done By The Missoulian)