Fort Peck Salmon Shuffle!
By angelamontana

Posted: August 26, 2015

One-two-three Chinook Salmon On Day three on Fort Peck.

Captain and Matt Mackinaw did the salmon shuffle today.  They managed to reel in three salmon and caught them all within 2 hours of each other.  They spent the better part of 13 hours on the water today chasing chinooks They were later joined by Fort Peck fisheries biologist Heath Headley. He was peppered with questions by Matt and the Captain about salmon, as they were looking for an edge in how to catch the wiley prized fish.  The Captain said he saw numerous other salmon caught by other anglers today, so the bite is getting better each day that they have fished since Sunday!

All the salmon were caught in 71 feet of water to over 95 feet of water.

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