Colorful Sister Duo Trap Muskrats
By Toby Trigger

Posted: April 2, 2016

After attending Montana’s youth trapper camp twice 12 year old “Addie” was excited to try her hand at the craft and literally jumped at the chance to tag along with me to trap her first muskrat.  Addie also has a younger sister and Lauren wasn’t going to watch her older sister have all the fun!

Together we set out 7 traps along a Bitterroot ditch and the next day the two girls couldn’t wait to check traps together.



With a little help from their father to get across the ditch each sister caught a muskrat in a trap they had set (with some help) on their first check.











After a few days with no muskrats they were pulling traps and one was missing.  Their mom asked; “How is that possible?”  They found out after a few minutes when Addie pulled a third muskrat from the muddy bottom in a foot hold trap!

Addie with muskrat

Memories like these can’t be bought at Walmart and the opportunity to introduce these young ladies to Montana fur trapping was awesome.   Take the time to get kids outdoors the rewards are immeasurable.

Congratulations Addy and Lauren!  Great job!