Get Your 2016 License On Your Smart Phone
By Toby Trigger

Posted: April 23, 2016

This year tech-savvy hunters and anglers can get a legal copy of their hunting and/or fishing license on their smart phone.

Thanks to Senate Bill 46, which was carried by Sen. J.P. Pomnichowski of Bozeman and received wide approval by both chambers in the 2015 legislature, electronic signatures are legal for hunting and fishing licenses. This minor adjustment in state law now allows hunters and anglers to use an electronic version of their license.

Big game hunters still must have their carcass tags with them. The electronic version of the hunting license won’t replace these species specific licenses.

Once you have purchased your hunting license, the steps are fairly simple to obtain an electronic copy.

First, go to the home page, which is mobile ready, and click on the “Menu” button at the upper left. Then from the list provided, click on the MyFWP option. When you sign in and click “Get Status,” you’ll see all of the applications and licenses you’ve purchased this year. At the end of that list will be a link to “request a copy of your non-carcass tag license.” Follow this link and you’ll be asked to submit your email address. A PDF copy of your license will be emailed to you to save on your phone.

This license will be sufficient legal proof while hunting or fishing in Montana.

FWP will continue to issue paper licenses as well and carcass tags must still be the paper version.

“So don’t discard your paper license once you have an electronic copy on your smart phone,” said FWP Licensing Bureau Chief Hank Worsech. “But if you happen to forget your fishing license, the version on your smart phone will be sufficient for our wardens.”

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