Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report Bob Ward's Sports and Outdoors

Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors 8.19.16
By angelamontana

Posted: August 19, 2016

Bozeman Fishing

Gallatin- the Gallatin has stayed pretty consistent this week. The best times to fish are early in the morning and late in the evenings. The fish are wising up to the spruce moth’s patterns so covering a lot of water is a good idea. T5he water is crystal clear so downsize your set up. A dry dropper rig with a stimulator and soft hackle is your best bet overall but caddis and Blue winged olives are coming off all day as well.

Flies- yellow stimulator #10-14 tan x-caddis #14-16 olive elk hair caddis #10-14 chubby Chernobyl # 10-12

Lower Madison-**As of 6/30/16 there has been a Hoot Owl closure on the Lower Madison, fishing is allowed from midnight until 2pm.** The bikini hatch is in full swing on the lower Madison. The only reason to fish the lower is if you are up at daybreak. Once the water warms mortality rates increase significantly.

Upper Madison- the water level jumped to 1700cfs last week but it is back down to 1000cfs so the fishing has picked up. Terrestrials and spruce moths are a good option mid-day. Nocturnal stonefly’s are hatching so using a chubby in the mornings and evenings should work well. Add a dropper with a lightning bug or caddis imitation and it should produce as well. This time of year headhunting fish with tricos and pmd’s is great if you have the patience.

Flies- Moorish hopper # 8-12 olive elk hair caddis #10-14 Chubby Chernobyl   #8-12   lighting bug #14-18 hares ear #12-16

Yellowstone-  **As of 8/08 Hoot Owl closures have been moved down river to Springdale fishing access down to the confluence of the Clark Fork.** As with most water right now the best time to fish is early in the morning and late evenings. A chubby Chernobyl should do well imitating nocturnal stonefly’s and adding a dropper under it should do very well. Hoppers and caddis are also prevalent so stimulator patterns should be great as well.

Flies- elk hair caddis #12-14 chubby Chernobyl #10-12 stimulator #10-14 lightning bug#14-18 hares ear#14-18 olive Rubberlegs #12


Butte Fishing

The past few weeks have been tough fishing due to drought conditions and warm temperatures.

Georgetown reservoir was fishing very well to Goddard Caddis and Spruce Moth patterns, however, recent algae and moss encroachments have slowed the catch, Bait fisherman have reported lower numbers caught due to moss and extreme weed growth. Trolling is impossible in most areas of the lake.

Fisherman have done well on the Big Hole with caddis patterns early in the days. Hemmingway Caddis and size 14 Goddard caddis have reportedly been successful.

Trico hatches are beginning to appear sporadically so try some size 18 Trico spinners in black or olive. A few hoppers are pulling in a few browns so a #8or 10 Chubby is a good bet.

The Ruby River has slowed with lower dam flow however Hoppers and a few slow stripped streamers are lending a few fish.

The Beaverhead is fishing well right now. Although flow has dropped, the river is producing some caddis and trico hatches that are producing excellent fishing conditions. Smaller parachute Adams have been a good hit.