By Montana Grant

Posted: June 2, 2018

Where gear is sold, and tales are told! Everyone has their favorite fishing shop. Some shops are close by, some are near where you fish, and others require a road trip.

Most shops are more exclusive. Some local fly shops stock primarily fly-fishing gear, accessories, and clothing. Hunting shops have guns, ammo, and hunting gear with a corner or so of fishing tackle. Some gas stations even have some tackle near the jerky and snack section. The BIG BOX sport shops have everything and a few more kitchen sinks.

No matter what shop you go into, good luck walking out empty handed. There is always something you may need. New lures, flies, rigs, gear, or a cool hat.

The best part about shops are the knowledgeable folks that work there. You know who I mean, the guy or gal that has a few miles on them and really listens to your questions. Responses are always on target and friendly. These Fishing Guru’s speak the truth and you trust their advice. It takes time to grow these kinds of relationships, but they are well worth it.

Back in the day, I remember visiting the Madison River Outfitters in West Yellowstone. Bob Jacklyn’s and Bud Lilly’s shops were always my favorites, but Madison River Outfitters had a great looking hat. At that time, they were in an old trailer, not the cool cabin they are in now.

These guys never steered me wrong. The BS was limited, and the advice was accurate. They tied a pheasant tail nymph on a scud hook with the bead in the center. No one else had one like it. I bought some and it became the money fly I hoped to find. Oh, and did I say they had the best-looking hats?

Fishing shops are more than a place to buy bait and hats. They are places where you can bond with the rest of the fishing community, tell lies, and maybe if you listen closely, learn some new tricks and tips.

Shop local and enjoy!

Montana Grant

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