By Montana Grant

Posted: July 7, 2018

Fireworks are a Montana tradition. We all have had an interest in blowing things up. Perhaps it is right of passage that needs to be left in the hands of the professionals.

Maybe in this addictive society of today, fireworks need to be for public viewing and not consumption. Kids are especially conditioned to blasting, exploding, destroying, and making noise. Video games are a huge focus in many kids lives to fill this demand.

Nothing good comes from kids with fireworks. Back in the day, my family was travelling west, and we went past a Fireworks booth. My dad said go for it and we did. Bandoleros of firecrackers, bottle rockets, sparklers, Hammerheads, and God knows what. That 4th I went on an explosion frenzy! After using the fireworks traditionally, we started looking for bottles, cans, mud, whatever to make the blasts more meaningful. Blurred vision, deafness, and singed fingers were casualties. Was it worth it?

Most patriotic Americans love a great firework show especially when it is accompanied with a symphony playing Americas favorites. The Fourth of July is supposed to be a holiday that celebrates the birth of our nation. Instead it has become open season for mass destruction, fires, first aid, and trash.

At what point have you blown up enough fireworks? The booths set up a week or so ahead of the Fourth of July. Lines form to buy the arsenals of destruction, flash, and noise. Each night the explosions grow. Night time fireworks are exploded in the afternoon because the pyrotechnics just can’t wait. The 4th is like flying a F-15 over Baghdad during Desert Storm. Dogs, babies, and other folks seek out a bunker in their basements. The sky becomes filled with flash, fire, trash, and noise. There is no longer one night for fireworks, there is 2 weeks of this exploding apocalypse.

My backyard neighbors launched an early afternoon mega buster that released 30 flaming parachutes, all of which landed in my back yard. I thought Red Dawn was happening. The neighborhood bans fireworks. I guess no one read the covenants since we were in a fireworks war zone. Our streets, roofs and lawns are littered with debris. Few Fireworks veterans pick up their debris. These are probably the same losers that don’t pick up after their pets.

Finally, at about 1am, a cease fire was proclaimed. My guess is that the Pyros ran out of matches, lighters, and fuses. But no, the day after the 4th is also scheduled for another gang bang! The leftovers at the Fireworks Booths are on sale. The Pyros are re-arming for another onslaught. The city and county ordnance say no more fireworks after midnight. I pray that happens but…

I hope the Pyros get it out of their systems. Then we can put out the forest fires, bandage the fingers, eyes, and other body parts. Hearing can return, trash can be picked up, and the young Pyros can get back to their explosive video games in the quiet of their own homes.

Is this freedom of destruction worth it? How many forest fires, hospital visits, tickets, trash, vandalism, panicked pets and children, wasted money, and loud chaos are enough?


Montana Grant

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