By Montana Grant

Posted: September 27, 2018

First times are always special. The first time you shot a gun, caught a fish, harvested a deer or elk, first trout on a dry fly, and so many more examples. What makes the first time so special?

Humans love newness! We strive for things out of the ordinary. Doing things that are not in our wheelhouse empowers us and makes us special. There is always something new to try.

Raw oysters are a perfect example. Who in their right mind would want to slurp a half shell full of what looks like gelatinous snot? Somehow, we overlook the gross, close our eyes and slurp away. Many discover that raw oysters are simply delicious.

The first time I shot a rifle was also a surprise. The lever action 348 caliber Winchester was a HUGE gun. As a kid, it was my turn to shoot. We were shooting a target on a wood pile in my Grandpa’s driveway. None of us had earplugs or safety glasses back in the day. My Dad had to teach and help me shoulder the heavy big bore rifle. I pulled the trigger and found myself flat on my back. My Dad saved the rifle, but the recoil kicked my butt. Now that the worst was over, pulling triggers just got better.

As a kid member of the Maryland Fly Anglers, I was taught how to tie flies. My first dry fly was a Royal Coachman. Lefty Kreh, Boyd Pfeiffer, and Paul Helm were my mentors. Our next stop was Owens Creek in the Catoctin Mountains. Lefty had showed me how to cast, Boyd showed me how to tie a knot and Paul showed me where to fish. How could I fail? After several attempts, a 14-inch rainbow rose and took my Coachman. Paul netted the trout, and all cheered for my fist trout on a dry fly, that I tied.

Every time I catch a trout on a dry, I remember the first!

Montana Grant

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