By Montana Grant

Posted: November 4, 2018


Streamer fly fishing, in the Fall, is great fun. The big browns are spawning and can be very aggressive. Stripping streamers is a wonderful and effective technique.

Here are some streamer thoughts;

1.)    Use a Big Stick     Streamers are heavier flies and require beefier tackle. A 9-foot rod in a weight 6-7 is not too much. If you prefer your standard weight 5 rod, change up your line and reel. The longer and stiffer rod will help your casting and allow you to heft the larger streamers and the bigger fish they catch.

2.)    Bigger Reels are a help    A larger reel with a decent disc drag is important. Using a multiplier reel is also helpful for retrieving line in a hurry. Set the drag so that you can just pull the line off the reels with the line pinched in your lips.

3.)    Use Different Lines   A Weight Forward Tapered fly line or Wind Cutter are good choices. You can also load a heavier line than your rod suggests. Try a weight 6 line on a 5-weight rod and cast. You will feel the rod loading and working smoother to cast bigger flies. Sinking tipped fly lines will also help. Weighted looped leader attachments also help.

4.)    Diversity is Best!    Carry a wide selection of streamer sizes, colors, and styles. Since you will be using heavier leaders, you should not break off many flies. Match your streamer sizes to the forage base sizes of the baitfish in the watershed you are fishing. Change presentation styles, speeds, jerks, twitches, and angles. Use what works.

5.)    Load your Leaders   Use heavier and shorter leaders. 7 ½ foot may be perfect length for small creeks and waters. 9 foot will be great for big rivers. You can also add loop to loop weighted heads between the fly line and leader. Figure the length of the head as part of your leader. Once your leader combo gets longer than the rod, tangling can be more common.

6.)    Clean, Stretch and Lube   Remove the line from your reel and tie it between 2 posts or trees. Now clean and inspect your line. Use a cleaning product suggested by your line’s manufacturer. Most PVC coated lines clean well using Armor All and a sponge. Your line will flow more smoothly between the guides and improve casting.

7.)    Hang a Stinger    If fish are short striking, add a trailing nymph behind the streamer. Tie a 6-12-inch leader from the bend of the front streamer. Pair a size appropriate and select a basic nymph such as a Prince or Hares Ear.

8.)    Stay Sharp   Sharpen your hooks often.    Dragging streamers across rocks and trash will dull them in a hurry. You will have 3 times more hook ups with a sharp hook!

Strip for fun!!!

Montana Grant

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