By Montana Grant

Posted: June 20, 2019

A couple trips to the East and West Gallatin were productive. The river is high, fast, and cold but beginning to clear up. Ina few weeks, they should be prime.

Once you get above Big Sky and nearer the Park, things clear up and the fishing is good. Not monster trout but strong and beautiful fish. Nymphing is best currently. Most of my hook ups came on a tandem Prince nymph with a Copper John dropper. Add just enough weight to bump the bottom. Strikes were strong and I did not use a strike indicator. Instead, I applied a paste floatant to the leader and end of my fly line. That makes for a 6-foot-long indicator to help you see any strikes. A drag free drift is essential.

Trout Lives Matter! Handle the fish with care. Proper Catch and Release techniques are important. A rubber net, wet hands, and no grip and grabs. Limit the time it takes to land the fish and take photos.

There were only a few fishermen on the cast. Once in the Park, make sure that you have a National Park license. The Park is also a wonderful place to fish. The fishing season in the Park is short, so enjoy while you can.

Tight Lines,

Montana Grant

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