By Montana Grant

Posted: June 8, 2019


Fish and fruit go well together. Watermelon especially enhances the flavor of fish. Here is a unique fish recipe that will get you great reviews as a Grillmaster. Watermelon adds a special sweetness and is refreshing.

2 lbs. fish filets

Salt and pepper

½ small diced onion

2 cups diced watermelon

1 tbsp vegetable oil

½ cup chopped cilantro

2 small tomatoes finely diced

1 jalapeno chopped

Preheat a grill to moderate heat. Coat the fish filets with oil and season with salt and pepper. (Old Bay seafood seasoning also works well). Grill the fish a few minutes until the meat becomes opaque. The thicker filets will take longer.

Meanwhile make the salsa using the remaining ingredients. Let rest in a refrigerator for about 15 minutes so the flavors blend. Serve the salsa on top of the fish filets.

This will remind you of a pico de gallo sour-spicy flavor.

Montana Grant

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