By Montana Grant

Posted: June 22, 2019


This creative recipe results in an amazingly tender and delicious outcome. The first time that I made this was at a wilderness camp using a Weber Grill that had seen better days. The lid was crunched, a leg was bent, and the grate was tore up. With some wire, a hammer, and some foil, I made this grill ready. I used a rib roast from an elk that had been harvested the day before. Since then I have used this recipe in a Traeger Grill and in the home oven. Here is the recipe that made hungry hunters fat and happy!

1 7-10 lb. rib roast. This is about 3-5 ribs depending upon the size of the critter. The large end has the most meat.

Jar of Dijon style mustard or whatever you have. I have used Yellow Hot Dog mustard and other grain mustards. The cheapo mustards work fine.

2-3 cups of coarse Kosher Salt or whatever you have on hand.

Start preparations about 4 hours before cooking. Trim fat from the roast, pat dry, and brush the whole roast with mustard. Now pat the salt all over the mustard. You can add a Rib Seasoning mix if you have one, or not. Allow the roast to sit on a wire rack, or foil, for about an hour until the mustard and salt form a crust. Fill in any bare spots or places not covered.

Start the fire or coals. If using a charcoal grill, the roast will sit in the middle with the hot coals on the perimeter, not touching the meat. Place the roast rib side down. Cover the grill and cook for 2 hours, or until the meat thermometer registers 130 F- 135 F for rare. 150 F-155 F is Medium rare. 160 F- 165 F is well done. I suggest lower temps for the most tender and tasty results. The roast will continue to cook after it comes off the grill. Rare quickly becomes Medium Rare.

Now crack off the salt/mustard crust completely and discard. The meat will be hot underneath so use gloves. You can use a favorite steak sauce or make up a garlic butter or whiskey sauce. Since there was whiskey at the hunting camp. I made a whiskey sauce with butter, bouillon, salt and pepper, and some olive oil. The boys loved it.

For a smoker grill/ pellet grill, use their recipe for Prime Rib and use the same coating. I have also done thick rib steaks using the same technique. Using other smaller roasts also works with this recipe. Just use the meat thermometer.

Carve the roast across the grain and serve.


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