By Montana Grant

Posted: July 25, 2019


Aluminum foil is a wonderful grilling aid. You can prepare individual sides or meals for guests that are healthy and tasty. Most Grillers use foil to cover their grates. If you clean your grates, you don’t need to cover them. For smaller grill items that tend to fall between the grate slots, use a finer metal screen.

A quick and easy Foil Pack meal is a hamburger, onions, potatoes and tomatoes. Add some butter, spice, and seal the foil pack tight so it won’t leak. You can do the same with fish, hot dogs, steak, baked potatoes, or any grill favorite. Add your choice of spices and ingredients.

Two layers of foil works best. The second layer helps to prevent tearing. Use a Peel or large spatula for flipping. Seal each layer of foil securely. You want the juice o stay inside the pack.

Foil packs can now be added onto a grill, coals of a fire, or engine block of your truck.

Years ago, I went crabbing with an old friend on the Chesapeake Bay. We ran pots for most of the morning until he said, “Time for Lunch”. He lifted the engine cover and there were several foil packs laying on top. The heat from the motor cooked our lunch perfectly. Brats and onions were in one pack. Warm rolls in another. Hot chili was in a third. Warm potato salad in the last one. You can do the same thing on your truck engine. Make sure that the packs are situated where they will not fall off. Temperatures are also hotter in some areas. With some practice, you can drive to a destination and sit down for a hot meal.

Use the good stuff when cooking with aluminum foil. There is a reason why the cheapo foil is so cheap.

Montana Grant

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