By Montana Grant

Posted: October 20, 2019

“BE PREPARED”! This is not just a motto for Boy Scouts. It is also a need for Montana sportsmen. All Montana drivers need to consider what their plan is when or if they break down, get stuck, crash, or have a remote emergency. It is better to be prepared than have nothing to help the situation.

Not all Montana roads are created equal. Throw in some nasty weather and the problems will begin. Usually we plan for a problem and it never happens. Our rigs carry sand, shovels, saws, chains, straps, first aid kits, and blankets. Maybe a sack of emergency food and some water are stashed in the back. As we head into the backcountry to hunt and fish, ruts, rocks, and rough terrain can get us stuck in a hurry. Cell phone signals may not exist. Anticipate what you would do.

Hopefully your Rig is Ready for the harsh conditions. Decent tires are a must and will prevent many bad situations. An aggressive tread, for the conditions you encounter, is important. Proper inflation, alignment, and care are essential. Making sure that your Rig is road ready is common sense. Adequate fuel, battery, and mechanical tools must be considered.

Carry lights and gloves. Changing a tire or adding chains without gloves is miserable work. Raingear can help keep you dry. When we hunt in the back country, smart hunters are prepared to spend the night in an emergency. They can start a fire, carry an emergency sleeping bag, have snacks and a water purifier.

Make sure you tell folks where you will be hunting or fishing. When you leave your Rig, leave a note saying where you went. These simple tasks could save your life.

A properly serviced, organized, and equipped Rig will help you enjoy the Montana Adventure you desire.

Montana Grant

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