Montana Ranch Posts Letter to Hunters
By angelamontana

Posted: November 27, 2019

As responsible hunters, we should all try to be aware of our surroundings whether it’s where we are parking, hunting, packing out animals, etc.  According to a recent post by a Montana ranch, some hunters are not respecting the fact that local ranchers and other vehicles use the roads the roads they park on to get to their hunting spots.

Here’s a note from Lacock Cattle Company in Hinsdale, Montana:

Dear hunters,
🦌 I’m so happy you’ve chosen to get out in the great outdoors and hunt down some deer, I really am (less for us to feed the rest of the year)! But I have a favor to ask, and I feel it’s really not much to ask.
You see, in the back of this truck we ranchers are literally hauling our living, breathing, paycheck for the entire year. Every sleepless, stress filled night and day leading up to this moment when we pray the cattle markets cooperate and we pull off the calves in the fall.
🚚With loaded trucks we’re headed to town, to the sales ring or various feedlots across the US. Down gravel roads, windy and straight, wide and narrow, often times greasy from mud or slippery from ice. It’s a dangerous job and we’re doing our best to keep ourselves and the cattle safe.
🐮 So here is my ask, while you’re enjoying your time in nature hunting down deer, and enjoying being with friends away from the stress of the city, please pull off the road or at least to the side. When we come to a vehicle parked, and locked, in the middle of the road at the bottom of a greasy hill it is literally impossible for us to stop even if we wanted too.
😨 when we see this we have two options, try squeeze past you and hope for the best (while we both have a major panic attack) or face the future of slamming or the brake, flipping our trucks, killing all the caves inside, totaling both our vehicles, and likely loosing our own life in the process. Which is quite the chain reaction as it’s pretty likely the rest of Our family is following in loaded trucks of their own behind us.
❄️ It’s been more times than one that we’ve taken off side mirrors of careless hunters parked in the middle of the road shooting out of their vehicles, or just leaving their rig in the middle of the road and four wheeling away for the day.
So please. It takes next to no effort (as most very respectable outdoorsmen already know) to just be courteous of everyone else around. Let’s be good neighbors and friends.
✌️ good luck this hunting season!
🤠 signed every rancher ever.

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