Tiny Montana huntress ready to take down an elk with mom
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: November 18, 2019

Lots of Montana women will head into the woods this season, and there’s something special about seeing moms and daughters go afield.

Kimberlie Fawn recently posted in the Montanica! Facebook group about a little girl who is six years old and by her mother’s side every moment of the hunt.

Kimberlie wrote: “This girl wants an Elk bad!! She has not missed one 4am early rise. She refuses to be left behind. She is 6 years old and the best little hunting buddy I have ever had!! She can hike in, she can hike out for miles without complaining. She loves nature and everything it has to offer. She knows to walk in my footsteps and to keep her feet and her voice light. She wants to help mommy bring food to the table … To be fair she also wants more than anything to have her and mommies picture on Sportsmans wall of fame with all the other hunters. She’s amazing!!


Shout out to the little hunters out there that are putting in the full days out there with the big boys. She loves to wave to other hunters as we pass each other, so please give little miss a smile and a wave if you see our little red truck rumbling past. She is rooting for you too!!”