By Montana Grant

Posted: September 27, 2020

You can usually find some sticks in most places where we camp. A basic stick can be so useful. Certainly, sticks make great fires and are often used a walking staffs or just for poking the fire. If you sharpen a stick, it can become a weapon. A stick can hold up a tarp or when used with a lot of sticks can become a shelter.

Cooking is a perfect place for sticks! Here are some ideas.

Use a Dingle Stick to lift hot pots on and off the fire. This stick, that looks like a check, is a great cooking utensil

Carve a spoon or spatula out of wood. Sticks. You may need a saw and axe as well to fabricate a perfect tool.

A forked stick can skewer meat or hold a sandwich over the fire for heating. Hot dogs fit nicely on a forked stick

Use a forked stick that allows you to create a woven basket of many sticks. This will preven you meal from falling off.

Shishka bob sticks are perfect for meat. Veggies, and anything that you want to skewer

A large stick made/ split into a board can be used to bake a meal on. Simply lean it near the heat. Use toothpicks or wood sticks to hold the meal in place.

A small, forked stick will serve as a fine fork. You can create whatever utensil you may want with a little imagination.

               Any stick can be used as a stirrer.

When you are done cooking with sticks, use a stick as a toothbrush. Cut an 8-inch willow branch and peel the bark off the end, maybe an inch or so. Now use a rock to smash the peeled end. Your toothbrush is ready! The bark of the willow has a lemony flavor and scent. It also contains acetaminophen, which is aspirin.

Stick with it!

Montana Grant

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