By Montana Grant

Posted: October 15, 2020

It has only taken 41 days and 8,224 burned acres to contain the Bridger Foothills fire. The fire began near the M Trail on Sept. 4th. Due to dry conditions and winds, the fire quickly blew up and traveled eastward, over the mountain.

The area is still extremely dangerous. Local firefighters were quickly overwhelmed and had to call in backup. Three firefighters had to deploy fire shelters. One firefighter was injured. 30 homes were destroyed along with corrals, fencing, sheds, equipment, and forests. 20 different agencies needed to respond.

The immediate area around the M Trail and the Bridger Ski area was not burned. The fire was apparently started by a lightening strike. Cooler and wetter weather has helped contain the final smoldering areas.

This fire also highlighted the importance of proper forest management especially around dwellings. Homes with 100 foot or more of treeless fire safety zones survived whereas homes surrounded by forests burned. Metal roofed builds and stone structures also withstood the fire better.

“Only we can prevent forest fires!”

Montana Grant

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