By Montana Grant

Posted: December 17, 2020

Fish are easier to catch than a Great Fishing Buddy! A wife or husband is easier to catch than a great fishing and hunting Buddy. You never know what kind of a fisherman, or hunter, a person is until you head afield. This is when the adventure begins.

As a fishing and hunting guide, I have heard it all. Most clients have caught everything, fished everywhere, and have the best gear. Their trophies are unsurpassed, and their stories go on and on, until the first cast.

Now you discover the truth. Every cast is in the weeds. Strikes are things to be missed, and comfort is more important than catching. Personal needs outweigh any challenges. They get cold, hungry, whiny, and lazy faster than a 2-year-old. So much for being World Class Anglers.

Many novices think that fishing is easy. Just hit the water and hang on. Maybe they have never heard of Luck, or the One Thing!

The One Thing in fishing is that there is never just One Thing! Everything is important. You need to learn from mistakes and pay attention. Skill and patience are Paramount. If you snooze, you lose.

When you find a Great Fishing Buddy, you will know it. They will have a special fly or lure to share. Their skills will compliment yours. The new stories are truthful and fun to share. Buddies share gas, lunch, bait, and friendship. You look forward to spending time together. Your day is great whether you catch anything or not

Once you hook a Great Fishing Buddy, hang on to them. Don’t Catch and Release them. Always be generous, honest, thoughtful, and Respectful. Thank them for the time that you spend together. Friendships need to be nourished and maintained.

Tight lines with great friends!

Montana Grant

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