St Patty’s Wild Game Meat Recipes

O’Wagsy’s Quick Corned Meat Ingredients: 3 to

Fried Fish Cake Recipe

If you’ve got the setup and know how, you ca

Montana Mountain Lion Hunters Recipe

The first thing to look for in a good recipe is t

Wild Game Recipes for the Holiday Season

If you are looking for a few recipes to spice up t

Game Day Recipe – Venison Jalapeno Bacon Poppers

We got some big games coming up this season, that

Elk Burger with Sweet Potato Home Fries & Eggs!

If you found success archery hunting elk this seas

Eat that Buffalo Meat!

Here’s a mouthwatering recipe for those of y

Turn Your Salmon Into Cake!

There are a lot of people who have found fishing s

Another Mouth-Watering Whitefish Recipe–MUST TRY!

Oh, yes!  If you’re one of the anglers who

The Best Darn Squirrel Ever!

Squirrels. People hunt them and they are great for

Chili Mac Skillet — EASY PEASY RECIPE!

Clean out that freezer to make room for this seaso

Another AWESOME Chinook Salmon Recipe

We showed you how to smoke the chinook salmon we h

A Wonderful Whitefish Recipe by Ross Tate

Ross Tate from Missoula who has caught his fair sh

Patriotic Salsa Recipe In Time for the 4th of July Weekend!

In honor of the upcoming holiday weekend where we

Smoked Mac n Cheese Stuffed Elk Meatloaf

I created a culinary masterpiece during the long M

Easy, Cheesy Catfish Casserole

In honor of Downrigger Dale’s recent monster

Brownie Trout Cakes – Mmmm

Mmmm. Cake. Mmmmm. Trout.  They both can be good,

Kamp Cook’s Attempt at Smoked Wild Turkey

As I am sure you have heard me brag about, probabl

JB’s Trout Recipe

I asked Deadeye Denny’s wife Jennifer Bedard

St Pattie’s Day Corned Venison Recipe

If you are like us, we have enough game meat in th

Asian Elk Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

If you are getting tired of the same recipes you&#

Venison Crock Pot Lasagna

There was an unfortunate event in my household rec

Fried Muskrat and Gravy Recipe

I have trapped many muskrats within the last few y

Eat Your Burger Like a Dog!

Attention! Attention!  We found an amazingly SIMP