Fish Recipes

How ‘Bout A Walleye Sandwich?

“They call it a fever and it strikes the str

Fish Pizza Recipe

For those of you with walleye, trout, salmon or pi

Fried Fish Cake Recipe

If you’ve got the setup and know how, you ca

Turn Your Salmon Into Cake!

There are a lot of people who have found fishing s

Another Mouth-Watering Whitefish Recipe–MUST TRY!

Oh, yes!  If you’re one of the anglers who

Another AWESOME Chinook Salmon Recipe

We showed you how to smoke the chinook salmon we h

A Wonderful Whitefish Recipe by Ross Tate

Ross Tate from Missoula who has caught his fair sh

Easy, Cheesy Catfish Casserole

In honor of Downrigger Dale’s recent monster

Brownie Trout Cakes – Mmmm

Mmmm. Cake. Mmmmm. Trout.  They both can be good,

JB’s Trout Recipe

I asked Deadeye Denny’s wife Jennifer Bedard

Forget the Chips – Salmon Skin Fritters Are “What’s for Dinner”!

So, you have had some success salmon fishing, as h

Turn Your Catch Into Spicy Baja Fish Nachos

Looking for something new to do with your walleye

Fried Cheesy Walleye Nuggets Recipe

If you are a walleye-catchin machine, then here is

Walleye Chowder with Bacon Recipe

Try turning your walleye catches into a thick and

Turn Your Walleye Into a Lake Erie Monster

Do you have some walleye that you want to get cr

Fish Fry Fun! (by Montana Grant)

Most folks think ice fishing is just for nuts. Sit

What To Do With All Those Fish

Remember those big trout we posted a couple weeks

Fire Up Your Grill: Mojo Walleye Recipe

Walleye is one of the most important sport fishes

The Perfect St. Patty’s Day Fish Recipe

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!  If you are

Ice Angler’s Delight: Perch-Egg Pasta

If you have been successful out on the frozen wate

Angler’s Breakfast – Fish Pancakes

I imagine you could try this out with any type of

In Memory of Kennedy, Here is his Fish Chowder Recipe

Today our nation is remembering former president J

“As Good As It Gets” by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle

Well for all the hunters like me, who have been ou

“Golden Deliciousness” by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle

After spending a couple HARD days in the Scapegoat

Maple Wasabi Salmon Recipe

Maple Wasabi Salmon Recipe 1 pound salmon fillets