By Montana Grant

Posted: January 14, 2023

What is your Go to Fish dinner? For many folks, fish is a Friday tradition. Having the fish once a week is healthy but can also get boring if you cook them the same way. For others, to heck with cooking, eat it raw, as Sushi. Whatever your preference, fish is an important food for our health.

My go to fish dinner has changed over the years. Initially, when I started cooking fish, it meant fried fish, Kraft Mac n Cheese, some tartar sauce, and some pickles on the side. This made a complete serving for fish eaters. My fish were often scaled, headed, and gutted. You needed to use a fork to carefully pull away the skin and bones.

Frying fish is fine if you use a healthy oil. Canola oil is healthy, but Peanut Oil is so tasty. Currently I prefer Blood Orange Olivelle oil. You will be amazed at how the flavor is enhanced by this unique olive oil.

Air frying is now an option. You can perfectly fry the fish without oil! Healthy and less mess/cleanup. Deep frying is always a great way to perfectly fry fish, which means you also need to make French fries for your side. Oil temperature is critical when frying properly.

You can also bake, smoke, jerk, boil, dry, salt, can, or poach fish. Once the fish has been prepared in these ways, it can be stored or used in other ways. Poached/flaked fish can be made in fish cakes, soups, or tacos.

There are also other great sides to consider. Onion Rings, slaws, salads, fries, or sack snacks. Chips and pretzels can also be crushed and used for coatings and crusts.

When I learned to filet and debone fish, my Go To Fish Dinner changed. Without any bones, skin, or scales, I could create dinners that were easier to eat. You can simply eat the fish without dissecting the bones. I have also rolled and baked filets.

There is no shortage of fish recipes. Just Google up a bunch and give them a try.

Currently my home go to fish dinner involves the air fryer. I coat dry filets with complete dry pancake mix, seasoned with some Old Bay seasoning. While the fish is frying without oil, I make a fresh slaw. For a side dish, Mac n Cheese still fits my taste buds, but I try and make it from scratch. I also mix in some onion rings, tater tots, or fries.

On a tailgate, along a creek, lake, or ice, fried filets in Canola oil can’t be beat. I take some fresh buns to make fish sandwiches. The Kraft Mac n Cheese is simple and easy. A bag of chips and some pickles are added to the munchies. Some tartar sauce is perfect on top of the filets. Cole slaw is also a perfect topping or side, and doesn’t need to be cooked.

The popularity of your fish dinner is measured by the leftovers. No leftovers, minimal mess, and happy campers mean you made a great Fish Dinner!

Montana Grant

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