The Captain spent another great week at Fort Peck Reservoir – Montana Fishing Report
By Kelsey

Posted: July 14, 2012

The Captain spent another great week at Fort Peck Reservoir. Jim Johnson the Hi Country Man from Lincoln and Tim Frost the Cap’s brother in law fished with him. They had a real good bite everyday.

The four days saw them head to Timber Creek and also fish Crooked Creek to the east of Hellcreek on the reservoir. Smallmouth bass, northern pike, and of course some nice walleyes made it into the Captains net.

Jim Johnson modified the slow death hook and that set-up worked well with a nightcrawler. They caught fish in 16-20 feet of water and most of the days were very calm winds. Highly unusual for Fort Peck, but when the wind came up enough to make a walleye chop then the walleye bite really turned on.

The northern pike like the one Johnson is holding in the picture and smallmouth bass all were caught using different sizes and style of swimbaits.


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