This one’s for the Gals – Advice for when your husband is away hunting
By Kelsey

Posted: August 20, 2012

I have been reading opinions on what women think/feel of men who are frequently gone hunting. I have friends who either dread or can’t wait for hunting season. It seems to be a good split down the middle and thought I would share some advice to you ladies who are left at home while the hubbies get lost in the wilderness.

First off, if you are one who likes to keep it clean and I know there are some of you out there. What a perfect time to get all the errands and cleaning done than when you have a weekend or day off all to yourself! That way when your man comes home from the hunt, you can really focus on ‘alone time’.

Those of you gals who say ‘Um no I don’t think so! He gets his vacation, and I get mine!” – I am pretty sure you need to get yourself in the spa and get pampered. You can even add shopping with the girlfriends. Maybe dress up and go out to dinner, these days/nights are essential! I would have to say this is the route I will take when I am married of course! Just like the sign says – who really even likes shopping with their husbands anyway? We aim in the dressing room and shoot with our credit cards!

For those of you who have kids that you are left to take care of – time to call the babysitter! Why shouldn’t you get your own time as well? I am pretty sure if he can spend money on hunting gear/gas, you can spend money on a babysitter.  If you cannot throw away money to babysitters on the weekends – well tell your husbands ‘balance’ is key. Balance meaning trading off weekends so you can get time off as well… it is only fair!! It could also be the perfect opportunity for Father/Son time and Mother/Daughter time.

Another way to look at it is – claim the summer as your ‘hunting season’ – more like become more hunt worthy with a bronzed tan and bikini body with weekend hikes and sun bathing! How can your husband have any complaints about that? There is always some type of compromise when you want your time to yourself or with friends!!


talk about relationship bonding

For all of you women out there who are hunters yourself – I would have to say I am pretty sure most men love a girl in camouflage. You are either smokin’ hot or cute as hell in your hunting gear. You also get to spend quality time with your husbands and share a life long hobby!

So in conclusion, it seems that even though you may be the wife who feels flooded with errands, kids and having no free time – there is a lot of good that can come out of a husband who is always out on the hunt.  New hair, clothes, spa day, girl time, daughter time, to-do list done… who says time apart and to yourself is negative? Not me!

My advise to women whose husbands won’t compromise in balancing each other’s ‘individual time’ – we have many ways to punish and reward (but please keep it in the bedroom).


-‘Camo’ Kelsey