Wildfire Prevention Must Be the Top Priority during this early Montana Hunting Season
By Kelsey

Posted: August 12, 2012

Summer heat is still cooking and it is only getting more dry for the start of hunting season coming up. The chances of your vehicle while driving over any vegetation and sparking a grass fire is extremely high.

Archery-only seasons and most upland game birds are starting up the beginning of September – top priority for all you hunters out there should be in the same mindset of wildfire prevention during the summer months.

What should you do to prevent wildfires?

  • Drive only on established roads.
  • Avoid roads with tall vegetation in the middle track.
  • Never park over dry grass and other vegetation.
  • Carry a fire extinguisher, shovel, axe and a cell phone at the minimum.
  • Restrict camping activities to designated camping areas.
  • Do not build campfires.
  • Check fire status before heading out to hunt.

What if a fire starts?

  • Respond as quickly as possible and try to put it out in the first couple of seconds.
  • Report the fire immediately when you cannot put it out.

Where do you find up-to-date fire status?

  • CLICK HERE for current conditions and restrictions.