Strange Elk Antler: Captain’s Elk Hunting Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: September 28, 2012

The Captain went elk hunting with Burke Ranch Outtfitters this week. He was unsuccessful in getting his elk, but had some good times walking, stalking, tree stand and blind hunting. The elk just didn’t cooperate.

Burke Ranch Outfitters clients however have had a pretty good hunting season. To date they have taken seven elk.

One of those elk was bagged by the camp cook, Bob Bailey. Bailey shot his elk at 40 yards. That hunt and shot wasn’t so unusual, but the horns on the elk were.  The bull elk was a 6 x 4. Something you don’t see everyday.

You can see by the picture that the one side looks perfectly normal and the other side is either stunted or broke off. In any case it was a nice bull and a very unique bull at that.

Bob did a great job feeding everybody in camp. The Captain was joined this week by Justin Bonomo, from Forsyth, and Scott Cole, from Colstrip. They proved to be excellent bow hunters and a couple of great guys, who don’t snore very loud according to the Captain.

Kelly Burke once again deserves a big thanks for taking care of the Captain with another year of elk hunting.

He can’t wait till next year!

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