A Successful Family Hunt During Montana’s 2012 Rifle Season
By angelamontana

Posted: December 3, 2012

Mike, Kathy, Cody, Justin and Kasey (who already filled her tag–click HERE for her story), of Darby, Montana, headed to eastern Montana for their annual family hunting trip.  The Richardson clan scored big this year, with Mike getting the biggest buck, Cody getting the second biggest, Kathy the third and Justin the fourth.

The picture above shows the bucks (from left to right):  Mike’s buck, Justin’s buck, Cody’s buck and Kathy’s buck.  Everybody did quite well this year, as you can see, and the taxidermist will be pleased with the business he will get from the mounts coming from this family.

Great job to all of you for filling your freezers and getting awesome trophies, too!

Cody (L) and Mike (R) with the two biggest bucks of the group