“Intelligent” Rifle Scope Makes it Difficult to Miss
By Kamp Cook

Posted: December 4, 2012

GREAT! Now there is absolutely no excuse for me to make for not filling my elk tag. A company called Tracking Point has manufactured “Digital Tracking Scopes.” It is basically the same targeting system they use to on military jets, for your rifle.

According to gizmag.com

The view through a tracking scope is simply a magnified view of the target along an axis parallel to the rifle barrel. The shooter first “tags” a target by choosing a desired impact point on the target’s surface. An electronic display adds a red dot that indicates the desired impact point, which remains fixed on the target as the direction of the rifle changes.

If the shooter fired the gun at this point, the result would be a clean miss. Between gravity, atmospheric drag, parallax, and cross-winds, bullets don’t follow a straight path. What the shooter needs is a firing solution telling him where to point the rifle barrel so the bullet will hit the desired impact point when fired.

Check out the demonstration