‘World Class Skiing with a Small Town Atmosphere’ – Moonlight Basin Ski Resort
By Kelsey

Posted: January 24, 2013

Southwest Montana has not been as blessed by mother nature as much as we would hope for these past couple of weeks. The snow is not falling from the sky and so the ski conditions are not exactly ideal. When it comes to ski conditions like we have now, it is all about the atmosphere of a resort to make it worth your while.

It is almost a no brainer to head up to Moonlight Basin Ski Resort powder or no powder. I like to say it is ‘world class skiing with a small town atmosphere’. Madison Base Area is where the small town atmosphere is as radiant as the sun on a blue bird day, being on the Headwaters Grille outdoor deck (Visible in the larger photo above) with a beer in hand is quite possibly the most wholesome feeling out there, I mean, of course when there is no new snow for days. The Moonlight Lodge with Jack Creek Grille and Bar is more the fancy atmosphere but you can’t leave moonlight without stopping and getting some of their french fries, I will leave the nitty gritty ingredient details out and increase your anticipation that much more.

The temperatures have been in the 30’s and even low 40’s which is softening up the snow and almost giving us some 2013 spring skiing preview. The best part about Moonlight Basin Ski Resort is the fact that it is literally on the dark side of Lone Peak Mountain and so doesn’t get hit so harsh with the sun’s rays and has extremely less ice than Big Sky Resort has on the other side.

So ski the dark side this weekend and get your groove on after rippin’ up the slopes at Madison Base Area in Headwaters Grille to local musician Jeff Bellino.

Pictured above is my best friend Casey Konen and I having a blast two years ago, and we are still up there almost every weekend with the same grins on our faces! See you up there!


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