5 Reasons to Ski Moonlight Basin Resort – Big Sky’s Local Gem
By Kelsey

Posted: February 7, 2013

Well, Moonlight Basin could be thought of as our local gem. If i had to choose where I could ski everyday Moonlight is first on the list for many reasons. It has definitely grown to become one of Montana’s preferred ski resorts, but with Big Sky Resort next door, most people don’t realize they are missing out on what the locals thrive on!

1. The snow is always light and dry due to the northern exposure – meaning it does not matter how much fresh powder there is, you will always be satisfied with current conditions.

2. The Headwaters and North Summit Snowfield  extreme skiing is why a lot of locals who are chute and cliff hungry get their fix and get it good. It is often referred to and described as ‘ultra rowdy terrain’. These are the runs that stick in someone’s memory and either get them hooked for life, or simply injured and waiting for recovery.

3. No lift lines – there is so much ski terrain and all tourists traffic is over at  Big Sky, not to mention the only 6 person high speed lift in the state of Montana! Why that is definitely the reasons that contribute to very little lift lines – all the time!

2. There is not 1, not 2, not 3 but FOUR terrain parks! That are for not just for the park rats but all levels from the beginners to the Pros.

There is no wonder why you should choose to ski moonlight! Word on the street is tomorrow is bring a friend and they will ski for $10! 

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