Helena Area Recreation Report by Bob Ward & Sons
By angelamontana

Posted: February 1, 2013

Hello, Angie here from Bob Ward & Sons, with the fishin’ BIZ in Helena!

Trout fishin’ at CANYON FERRY has really taken off…success is everywhere, but best is in a little shallower water, about 3-6 ft below the ice. We recommend fishing Perch colors like the Firetiger pattern, or you can throw some needlefish lures as well.  Perch fishing itself has been slow, but reports are in that what perch are being caught are larger in size…if you want some GOOD-EATING Walleye, try fishing 30 minutes before sunrise, or 30 mins after sunset.  Remember to move around a bit on CANYON FERRY…the south end especially has very little structure so the fish are constantly on the move, & you should be, too!  As usual, use caution on the ice!

The Causeway has been Red Hot for trout…try throwing some maggot-tipped jigs.  We’ve got reports of Perch being caught on the elbows of HAUSER, so you may try that out!  Stick closer to shore & fish right before dark on the HELENA RESERVOIR for best results!

The MISSOURI RIVER nymph fishin’ is still unbelievable, with the deep water nymphing especially fantastic.  Bobber-to-split shot distance is about 6 ft, & we still advocate PINK as a color…try a Pink Rainbow Warrior & see what we mean!  Streamer fishing is still great, too, if you stick to Blacks & Olives!

Marmot_Basin_1500x1000_About_Us (1)If you’re into SKIING, sounds like Discovery’s the place to go this weekend.  They’ve racked up the new snow this week—a foot alone last Sunday!  Power conditions abound.  Great Divide has a 30″ base & that wonderful Friday night skiing time, so don’t miss out!  Showdown’s got about 13″ of new snow this past week…should be just about perfect skiing this weekend!

Pop into the store & load up on hand & feet warmers to endure this nippy weather on the ice OR snow….or look into the 20% off ice shelters deal we’ve got going! It’s not too late to get your ice fishin’ game on…we got lots of winter left in these parts!  See ya next week!