By angelamontana

Posted: March 13, 2013

Report compiled by Carol Henckel

Please be advised that ice conditions can change daily so please call the contact person in the area you are planning on FISHING for current daily information.  Also, use extreme caution on the ice at all times.   Good luck FISHING from the Montana Outdoor Radio Crew.


 Bill -Rock Creek Marina 1-406-485-2560

“Fishing has still been happening. I have seen a 4 wheeler on the ice but I wouldn’t do it. Conditions can  change quickly. I have not seen any fishermen lately.


Bob Peterson-Tongue River Reservoir

Bob says,” The ice has pulled away about 4 feet.  The warden had trouble this weekend with 4 wheelers sinking in soft spots and decided it was too dangerous. Conditions are bad.


Clint Thomas- Hell Creek Marina 1-406- 557-2345

Hell Creek-Fort Peck Reservoir

Many have told us the ice is off and conditions are unstable.

Unable to contact Marina for report.


Gene Moore Lake Ridge Motel 1-406-526-3597

Gene Moore, of Lake Ridge says, ”Northern pike and lake trout are being caught. They seem to be on the move but people are doing well spearing. Ice seems to still be good where they are spearing. The river is open down below Tailrace.”


Lake Elmo – Billings

There is no ice on Elmo. There is no fishing and no fishermen.


Cooney Reservoir- Jenny

Jenny says, “The ice is really deteriorating.  You need to use caution because of changing warm weather. The main Lake part still has ice but it is pulling away at the shoreline. They are getting in at Fishermans Point and Red Lodge Creek.  If the ice changes I will change the message on the answering machine so it will up to date.”


Deadmans/Martinsdale – Justin

“Deadmans is open with some chunks.” Justin said.

Martinsdale “The ice is still on but the ice is only 2 inches deep.   The water levels are low. Conditions are so variable and they will change daily which could make it dangerous,” said Justin.


Don’s Lewistown- Dale

Changes are happening on the ice we are hearing.

Fort Peck, we have heard, has no ice but conditions are not good to come up for.

Ice is off Stafford Ferry.  On the Missouri river they are using live minnows and smelt and catching sauger, and catfish.


Crooked Creek-Grant

Access for fishermen is not possible from here. No supplies or owner available.


Lewistown Sports-Dave

Dave says, “We are in between ice and thawing out. The Missouri is open at Stanford, Perry and PN Bridge and they are using minnows to fish off shore.”


Minnow Bucket-Allen Camarillo 861-0156

Allen says,” Lots of people are heading up the river from Huntley East.  They are going after ling and catfish.  I have sen a 8 pound catfish, a 8 pound ling and a 13 pound walleye.  I’ve got bait here if you need it. I have been told Hell Creek is open.”


Silos Canyon Ferry-Sharon

“We still have ice even though they are predicting 60 degrees by the weekend. Last check was 12 to 15 inches deep,” Sharon says. Walleye catch has been good.  Rainbow trout has been very good.   Perch have been slow but you catch them if you go deep enough, 50 to 60 feet.

It is really important to stop at the store before going out as conditions can change quickly.


West Side Sports Dan 1-406-654-1611


“The fishing has slowed up on Nelson and they are only walking on and it is  not safe for 4 wheelers I have heard.  Perch and northern pike are the main bite. There is running water in the ditch. Caution is the word these days,” Dan says.

Forchette is done. Ice is way too dangerous.

Billings-Scheels Nate

Nate says, “People are finding the river okay all the way to Forsyte.  Sauger are being caught on the Yellowstone near Huntley.”


Fort Peck – Hell Creek

I have heard Hell Creek is open and they are saying don’t come up. Tongue River People have said Tongue’s ice is really bad. The shore ice is real bad.


Rich’s Tackle – Richard

Trout has been tremendous anywhere you go, Canyon Ferry, Ruby, Harrison and on the river.  They are catching pike in 60 foot of water.  You can use a boat on Holter and Hauser.