Photographer Mark Mesenko Shares Images of Western Montana
By OutdoorAly

Posted: May 2, 2013

“Departure” Missoula, Montana ©Mark Mesenko

For those of us lucky enough to live in Montana, we know an extraordinary moment of beauty can come and go in a flash. Whether it is a fleeting rainbow or a chance encounter with wildlife, it can be there one moment and gone the next.

It takes a real passion and eye to anticipate such moments and be able to capture them on film, and local photographer Mark Mesenko has both. Mark is an award-winning photographer known for his stunning photos of Western Montana.

I have been following Mark’s work and he was kind enough to let us post these amazing images for our Montana Outdoor Radio Show listeners and followers to enjoy. Thanks Mark! For more of his images go to or click here.

mesenko 12

“Fishin’ Buddies” Missoula, Montana ©Mark Mesenko

mesenko 11

“Side Channel” © Mark Mesenko

mesenko 10

© Mark Mesenko

I love to chase the light on Montana’s ever-changing landscapes. My camera lives in my lap, and I experience anxiety when I leave home without it. I need to capture and share the fleeting moments that command my attention—and that means I often careen onto the shoulder of the highway or make instant U-turns when I’m driving. (You must sign a release to ride with me.)

mesenko fox

“Glad I’m Not a Gopher” ©Mark Mesenko

mesenko 8

“Departure” Missoula, Montana ©Mark Mesenko – Road agent George Shears was hung from this barn by vigilantes January 24, 1864

I credit my mom with my love of old barns—in my younger days, she asked me often if I was born in one. Now I feel compelled to preserve these structures with this wonderful medium. Someone must do it.

mesenko 5

“A Montana Classic” Ronan, Montana ©Mark Mesenko


mesenko 6

“Da Bulls” © Mark Mesenko

Early on I focused on shooting photos of wildlife, especially birds, and that evolved into a greater appreciation for the environment around them.

mesenko 4

“Blue Snow Birds” ©Mark Mesenko

mesenko 3

“Dinner at Dusk” ©Mark Mesenko

mesenko 2

“Recipe for a Rainbow” Missoula, Montana ©Mark Mesenko

I think of my images as windows on a world that most people aren’t fortunate enough to see. I’m grateful for these glimpses into inspiring beauty. Gazing into one of these images—or even through one—can evoke a Zen moment. I thank you for sharing these moments with me. -Mark

mesenko 1

“Cowpie Flamingo” Ovando, Montana ©Mark Mesenko


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