“A Waterhog Taking the Elevator” by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle
By angelamontana

Posted: July 9, 2013

So the other day I ran into an old classmate/friend and after catching up he asked me if I was still managing at the Sherwin Williams paint store. I smiled and said, “NOPE, hung it up to follow my dream.” He then said, “are you doing something that involves the outdoors?” I replied, “I actually own a tackle company with my father.” He replied with a “good for you man, that’s awesome.” At the time I thought it was the right answer and that it sounded fine. The problem lies in that there are a lot of folks that own their own business…what made mine special?? Although I could tell he was glad for me, nothing in my description of what I did wowed him in the slightest. Even though he is not a fisherman, he is fully capable of referring my business to people that are. But would my measly, “I own a tackle company” hit hard enough to stick with him…I THINK NOT!!

After reading a recent article in the local Helena paper about the importance of first impressions…also known as the elevator pitch (because of your limited time to describe and deliver while making a meaningful impression) I decided it was time to change the wording of my job description. The area I didn’t fully agree with in the article was about having your elevator speech perfect and practiced. Anybody who is doing something they know and are passionate about should be able to spit out the goods on prompt!!

So without hesitation and in about thirty seconds here is what I came up with for an elevator pitch. “I operate a father/son inspired, unique hand crafted tackle/rod store that provides the customer with a lasting Montana made product, while being dedicated to their success on the water and providing direct fishing knowledge and the dream, “Jiggin’ the Dream” Although this might be a little rough around the edges, it instantly comes from the heart and the true fish-head soul with no hesitation!! So Kit’s Tackle is no longer a tackle company…it is the waterhog of customized tackle/rod manufacturing!!

Speaking of customs…check out the new innovations from Kit’s vice. These bad boys are the Glass Minnow morphed into an articulated beast of a zonker streamer fly. Rather at the end of 6 weight fly rod or behind a three way dredging for monster walleye…dad has truly outdone himself this time!!


An adolescent perch in the fire tiger pattern!!

(Written by Trevor Johnson (www.kitstackle.com); Photo courtesy of Trevor Johnson)