Possible New Montana State Record Channel Catfish
By Kamp Cook

Posted: July 28, 2013

channel cat

The reports are coming in from reliable sources that there is a new Montana State Record Channel Catfish caught out of Snow Creek on Fort Peck Reservoir.

Joe Moline from Lewistown told the Captain that a guy named Dan Davenport from West Yellowstone caught a huge catfish Saturday. Moline said he received the information from Clint Thomas from Hell Creek Marina.
The Fish weighed 34 pounds 8 ounces was 41 inches long and was caught on 8 pound test with a 1/8th ounce jig.
The catfish has yet to be verified as a new state record by FWP, but it is looking good. The old state record weighed 30.12 pounds and 37.5 inches long and was caught by the Fred Robinson Bridge in the Missouri River on May 8th 2009 by Jessey Perry.
Dan Davenport is shown holding his prize catch. Clint Thomas of Hell Creek Marina told Joe the fish was 13 inches between the eyes.
The picture was posted by Tyler George on the Montana Outdoor Radio Show Facebook page.  Remember this is not confirmed by FWP.
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