“Holy Crappie” – Jamel Boast Is At It Again!
By angelamontana

Posted: August 19, 2013

Jamel Boast, of Bozeman, is an avid fisherman and talented musician (click HERE to check out his music).  He was told by a local angler that there were not any crappie in the lake he was about to fish in, but Boast proved him wrong by catching a nice-sized crappie (pictured below), along with “a bunch” of small-mouth bass.  He was fishing at Notellum Lake, which means he decided to keep the location to himself.

Even though he only caught one crappie at the mystery lake, his story is proof that you shouldn’t believe everything that you hear–especially from other anglers!

Nice job, Jamel, and thank you for sharing!


(Photo and Report by Jamel Boast)

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