Western Montana Fly Fishing Report by the Mountain Man – 8.5.13
By angelamontana

Posted: August 5, 2013

Fishing on the Missouri is a bit better than it was a week ago. Hopper patterns are starting to work–a good combo would be a hopper dropper rig.



Weeds are still a problem-but fisherman are picking spots between clumps of weeds or fishing parts of the middle of the river that don’t have many weeds.

In western Montana,the Blackfoot has been getting a lot of pressure-but early morning to early afternoon is still producing some average-size fish for the Blackfoot. Pink hopper patterns, Bugmeisters, tan hoppers, and Goddard’s caddis are producing.

Georgetown lake is a hit or miss according to some fly fishers I talked to. Damsel fly activity is still good in some areas from about noon until 4 pm.

Middle part of the Bitterroot is very low and fish are easily spooked – but I have heard some very good reports.

Anyway, remember that fishing on the Clark Fork and Bitterroot still require you to be done fishing by 2 pm.

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(Fly fishing report by the Mountain Man; Cover photo: gowhitedog.com)