Protect Yourself AND Your Camping Gear While Suspended in the Air
By angelamontana

Posted: September 3, 2013

ATTENTION CAMPERS!  How does a sleeping while suspended in the air sound?  Even better, you have a completely waterproof cover and a fully enclosed screen net around you to keep insects out.  Also, you have a compartment for your equipment below you, for easy access.  All of this above the ground!

BeFunky_5a0335547d34ea7a82adac9dd641ac04_large.jpgIf you’re skeptical at all about the patent-pending Nubé Hammock Shelter, designed and created by Sierra Madre Research, then you definitely want to take a look at the video below.  This concept seems quite appealing to me, as keeping you and your stuff off the ground, especially during rainy times, is always a good thing.

If you watch the video and find yourself interested in purchasing a Nubé Hammock Shelter for yourself, visit their kickstarter page by clicking HERE to get detailed information on this “perfected” product.  You can also secure your order for a Nubé Hammock Shelter on their kickstarter page today!

With almost 400 backers, and only one week left, you don’t want to miss your opportunity to pay the early bird kickstarter price for your Nubé Hammock Shelter!

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