Grizzly Wounded by Hunter in Self-Defense Near Condon
By angelamontana

Posted: November 21, 2013

FWP wardens are investigating a reported self defense shooting of a female grizzly bear with two cubs in the Kraft Creek drainage by a hunter yesterday near Condon.  The grizzly charged the hunter and the hunter fired a shot at the bear within 50 feet. Wardens discovered a deer carcass about 75 yards away from the incident that had been fed upon by the bears.  The hunter reported the incident to FWP immediately.  FWP Wardens and biologists followed tracks in the snow from the wounded bear on the ground and in the air with Two-Bear Aviation’s helicopter for several miles as it moved west towards the Mission Mountains.  At that point the determination was made that the bear was not mortally wounded.

FWP would like to thank Flathead County Sherriff Chuck Curry, Two-Bear Aviation, and pilot Jim Bob Pierce for their help and cooperation in this investigation.  According to FWP Warden Captain Lee Anderson, this was a true team effort.

Hunters are reminded to carry bear pepper spray when hunting in grizzly country.  Experts say that bear pepper spray is more effective than firearms in stopping a bear.

(Report by Montana FWP; Photo:


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