Wolf Trapping Season Opened Yesterday in Montana
By angelamontana

Posted: December 16, 2013

What did you do yesterday?

December 15th marked the opener for Montana’s wolf trapping season, and Angela Montana and Jason Maxwell were among the many wolf trappers who laid their traps yesterday.  After crossing a creek and a hike up a steep draw, with snowfall that ranged from about 3 inches to 16 inches, they unexpectedly came across a fresh, dry bed with a chewed up elk leg in it (see picture below).  There were wolf tracks in and around the area, which only meant one thing–they were certain they found the perfect place to set their traps.  Tomorrow, they will find out if they actually did find the perfect place for their wolf traps.

If you have any wolf trapping stories/pictures from opening day in Montana, email them to us here.  Good luck to all of the hunters and trappers out there.  Wolf hunters should be aware that there are cat hunters out with their hounds, and cat hunters should be aware that there are wolf hunters and trappers out there, too.  So, let’s all be safe and respect each other, and good luck to all!

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