GET LOST! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: May 27, 2014

getlost3Now is the time to “Get Lost”! The weather is getting nicer, and our bodies are craving exercise. We feel drawn to go exploring.

We have taken trips or adventures where everything is precisely planned. The agendas and time schedules confine our spirits and spontaneity. Work is about schedules, timelines, and stress. The best memories, success and stress relief never come from “the plan”, they happen despite the plan.

Now before you head out into the backcountry or city to “Get Lost”, make sure that you plan and prepare enough so you do not have to eat your shoes to survive or need a Rescue Team to find you. They are busy with real challenges and emergencies. Make sure that you have the proper attire, fluids, snacks, and gear in case something goes awry. Usually if you prepare for the worst, it never happens.

Getting Lost is a great way to discover the “human” within you. Sometimes being impulsive will lead to a new destination, a secret fishing hole, special view, or great memory. Humans learn and remember from our mistakes. Try a new shortcut, track down a rumored destination, wander off the trail a bit, or just turn left instead of right. If we always do the same predictable things, we can predict what we will experience. Where’s the fun in that?

getlost2I once was looking at a topo-map of a wilderness area and saw an un-named lake that looked big enough to support trout. A watershed supported the lake and it was near an old off road trail. It took a few trips but after bushwhacking through thick willows, I had discovered my “Secret Lake”!

I quickly rigged up my spinning rod and chucked a spinner into the virgin waters. A HUGE Cutthroat trout slammed my lure and welcomed me to this special spot. For several hours, I enjoyed the ultimate “Slay Ride” of catching trout after trout.

There were no trails, evidence of fishing, or humans. I had just found the ultimate Secret “Honey Hole”! Now I had to find the truck. I knew it was within a mile but….wait a minute, did I head north, south or…?

Fortunately for me, I always carry a pair of hand pruners that I use to trim a trail as I wander. I just followed the pruned branches that lay on the ground like bread crumbs. When I arrived at the truck, I rewarded myself with an Ice cold Beer! Somehow, it just tasted better after my “Adventure of Discovery”.

Whew, that was a close one.

Montana Grant

Montana Grant Pic