Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Recreation (7.11.14)
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Posted: July 11, 2014


Archery Season September 6, 2014

So we know it is a little ways down the road but better to be prepared than wait until the last minute. Make sure all of your gear is in working order. Practice with your bow, we have some great deals on our stock of Field Logic Targets. Even if you think you have it all come check out the latest and greatest in the hunting department.

Bob Wards hosted Shooters Weekend. Saturday August 2 in Missoula and Sunday August 3rd in Butte

Bozeman Fishing:

The insects are out, they are at the top of the food pyramid for fish and other aquatic species. So you can pretty much take your pick. Check out what hatch is going on and if the fish aren’t rising throw out attractor flies to switch it up a bit.

Upper Madison – is the river to be on, you might have to compete for space but it is worth it. Definitely try hitting in the cooler hours of the days with dries that are caddis, stoneflies, yellow sallys, pmds, and salmonflies. If you like nymphing use the nymph versions of the same flies.

Lower Madison-The water is getting green due to the warmer lower waters so morning is best and you can certainly continue matching the hatch but honestly if you want a full day it is suggested to try other water ways.

Gallatin-excellent fishing reports are coming in on both dries and nymphs. Again concentrate on what is hatching dries right now are caddis, pmds, and stone flies. Try some attractor flies and even some dropper riggings to get to even the timid ones.

Yellowstone-the waters are continuing to drop which is improving the fishing. Nymph fishing with emergers and other attracting patterns such as copper bobs, bead head prince nymphs, and lightning bugs.

If you are heading to the park don’t forget we sell Yellowstone fishing permits 3 day, 7 day, and season.

Butte Fishing:

Whitefish have invaded the Big Hole near Dickey Bridge. A large pod will attack emergers just before dusk. Pale Green whitefish flies with a grizzly wing case extended over back is extremely effective. Browns were hitting on golden stone nymphs in the Divide Canyon area near the old silver bridge.

Several nice brown trout and rainbows were taken on golden stone nymphs on the Jefferson River below the Silver star bridge. A few more were taken on Mepps Spinners with a black blade and green dots.

Fishermen were landing in the trout on night crawlers down at Clark Canyon this week. Crawlers suspended in the river channel on the south end are irresistible to trout holding in the cold water.

Fly Fishermen are taking nice catches of brook trout on terrestrials this week. Large quantities of red and black ants. This summer has yielded a plentiful food supply to local trout. Crickets and Beetles have shown success as well.

(Report by Ryan Corwin-Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors)

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