Another Day in the Tree! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: November 18, 2014

inthetreeSo what did you do today? “I spent the day sitting 15 feet up in a tree stand hunting deer”. Usually the response is… ”You must be crazy”. Oh well, what can I say?

Tree stand hunting is a hard but productive way to enjoy a day of deer hunting. Not everyone can do it. Some hunters are afraid of heights, have ants in their pants, or just have no patience. If this describes you, then learn how to be a good still hunter instead.

Whether you are in a blind, tree stand, or just sitting in place for a long time, the skill sets are the same. Be quiet, don’t move, stay alert, and pray to the hunting Gods that you get to see a buck! Stand placement is critic Make sure that you turn off your ringers first. al and optics essential.

I have to say that cell phones are a great asset when tree stand hunting. Checking your Facebook, Gmail, texting, or taking pictures will help you pass the time. Make sure that you turn off your ringers first. Your Mother in Law will surely call at the wrong moment if you don’t. Remember that Montana and other states do not allow electronic aids or communication that help to coordinate or assist in a kill.

While I was sitting patiently waiting for the BIG buck to arrive, I was texting hunting buddies in several other areas doing the same thing. How amazing is it to be texting someone hunting in Montana, Western Maryland, and a county away while hunting? Each of us was helping the other stay focused and alert as we shared each play by play event. None of us had a shot but we all were having fun together and at the same time.

A red fox slipped by as I was waking up a dead leg. The biggest squirrels that I have ever seen were dancing around the forest sounding like elephants. The nearby stream was constantly gurgling by making me feel like I constantly had to pee.

Suddenly, I heard a movement in the leaves. As I turned, there he stood. A great whitetail buck was coming closer. Half of his antlers were gone, broken off in a battle with another buck. Later I saw two more bucks chasing does. They too had broken antlers. I wanted the buck that won those battles, so I let them pass.

Needless to say, I spent 10 hours sitting 15 feet up in a tree stand. Where did the time go? The day went by so fast and I enjoyed it so much. If you have the patience and strength to sit in a tree for a day there is not too much you can’t do!

Stand Tall,

Montana Grant

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