Warm Weather Means Summer is Comin–Get Ready to Slide the City in Butte!
By angelamontana

Posted: February 12, 2015

Who doesn’t love slip n slides?  Even if you aren’t a fan of actually sliding on them, it is just as fun and entertaining to watch others slide on them.  With all this warm weather, you might already be planning your summer activities in our great state of Montana–so, maybe you should consider adding Butte to your summer fun destinations!

You can register at the Slide the City website (slidethecity.com) to slide on a 1,000 feet long vinyl sheet, which is basically a huge slip n slide, that goes through your town or city!  The length of this “fun run” slide is equivalent to more than THREE football fields!  Slide the City cruises around the country with their giant vinyl sheet and sets up in towns and cities everywhere, and Butte is on the list for August 22nd.  For a current list of all of their locations, click here.

Before you wonder about the water usage and the negative effects it could have, just know that Slide the City strives “to create a safe and fun event while being responsible with all local resources.”  The slide is designed to minimize water use, and the company takes water conservation very seriously.  To read more, click here.

So, you can complete your early-bird registration to “Slide the City” of Butte this summer by clicking here.  It could be fun for the whole family!


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