Gophers are Out–Here’s What to Do When You Get Yours…
By angelamontana

Posted: March 17, 2015

So, you got a few gophers with your bow…but what are you going to do with them?  Here’s an idea from Uncle Charlie’s Blog:


Remove the head and then gut and clean the carcass. Save heads in a zip lock bag for later.
Cut off the little paws.

Lightly flour and fry in ¼ inch cooking oil at 350 degrees. Cook for two minutes per side. Salt and pepper to taste. Garlic is a plus.

Stack gophers on a platter garnished with your garden parsley.

Serve with your fresh garden carrots, turnips and mashed beets.

On the side, serve up gravy rendered from the organ meat.

The heads can be batter dipped and deep fried for snacking later.